Pharmacy Robot

Walsh’s Pharmacy use an ARX Pharmacy Robot to allow safe, accurate and efficient dispensing for our customers.

mikerobotIn May 2009, Walsh’s Pharmacy installed an ARX Pharmacy Robot to allow  safe, accurate  and efficient dispensing to our customers.  The robot is an automatic storage and retrieval system which works hand in hand with original dispensing software.

Each day the robot automatically separates and checks all drug orders that come into the pharmacy. It first measures pack dimension size and scans the product’s bar code against a reference drug database and checks the drugs expiry date before adding the drug to the secure unit.

When dispensing, the robot checks the barcode of the drug and the drugs coordinate measurements, only when it is happy that this is indeed the drug required, will it release the pack to the pharmacist. This ensures safe, accurate dispensing for the customer.

The main advantages of the robot to the pharmacy is that the whole dispensing process is more organised and structured. The robot puts orders away in the morning, it is not subject to any human errors so will not pick the wrong drug or strength and the drug is always in date.

Customers can come and view the robot working in the specially designed viewing area, children in particular find it very entertaining!

We ran a competition with children in the local news paper in 2010 and the winner picked the name of the robot, he is now christened- Spencer Dispenser.